Cities Apart

by Colony / Akito Misaki

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released March 26, 2012

Music, sounds and solutions on 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9:
Akito Misaki (
Music, sounds and solutions on 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8:
Words and narration on 5:
Sound engineering and mastering:
Davide Saggioro (
Vladitto / Kutlayev Dmitry (

This is IIIHIII 03/2012

This music has been mixed and mastered to be played
at high volume or with a (good) pair of headphones




Colony Verona, Italy

Colony is a sound project started in 2007 and based on electronic and experimental music. The works of Colony are released under CC and they are free for you to download and share.

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Track Name: Akito Misaki - Another City
Follow me down
I Know a place
Deep within my dreams
We could stay there
Reshape the world in our own image

Living in anoter city
Wearing the dress of someone else
We could play this part
Just like in an old movie

We talk and kiss each other
Pretending it's all real

Seconds lengthening into days
And then into years

Leave me here
Let me sleep
Holding a memory of you

An everlasting smile
An everlasting light
An air structure
Frozen in time

Like a pinned butterfly
I know I'm still dreaming

More than a million miles away
We are cities apart

A fading summer picture:
Thin and empty runs the highway
Like the last thing on earth

I stop in a motel for the night
The room is all shadows and dust
The bed is stone cold
I draw your name
With a finger on a mirror
I see it disappear
Like breath
Coming from another place

You were so beautiful
You are so beautiful
You are still young
While I've been growing old

Then, one second after the other
Time begins to speed again

The dream is collapsing
The movie has come to its natural end
The buildings are crumbling down
In the raging sea

We are falling apart

This city is drowning